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Some Pictures around where I live....

fantoft_1.gif (50407 Byte)   fantoft stabkirche.jpg (45943 Byte)   fantoft-mot-ost.jpg (182199 Byte)   fantoft-mot-syd.jpg (197679 Byte)  

  feye_zimmer.jpg (48155 Byte)   klo.jpg (29579 Byte)   bude_fey1.jpg (36565 Byte)

It,s nice to go around Bergen. For Example the Island Sotra or the Mountains around Voss. Here some pictures of my trips...

... from Germany to Bergen (with my Brother, Koebe und Obi), August 2002

.... to Hellesøy, Voss, Nordnes with Olli, Lars and the KAISER September 2002

... to Stavanger in a Beetle with Sean, November 2002


Some different pics from norway


Bockhorn Oldtimertreffen 2002, some cars of my friends back in Germany

4er_combo.jpg (33081 Byte)   frankes_käfer.jpg (44415 Byte)   hof_scheune.jpg (39803 Byte)   newman.jpg (34013 Byte)   peters_amazon.jpg (33197 Byte)   

rek_bock.jpg (66833 Byte)   rkad_matsch.jpg (76245 Byte)


My car history:  

1st: Opel Rekord ´67 67.jpg (15241 Byte)  

2nd: Mercedes 200 D /8 ´68 (didn´t drive it) 42.jpg (18001 Byte)     

3rd: Volkswagen Bus T2b ´75 bulli.jpg (121516 Byte)  


more pictures soon.